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At Bridges Behavioral Therapy, we encourage children to exceed their fullest potential.
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a research-based approach to improving behaviors such as communication, social skills, adaptive living skills, motor skills and much more. ABA therapy has been proven to be the most effective intervention for children with autism and related disabilities.

At Bridges Behavioral Therapy,  we strive to collaborate with families, teachers, and other clinicians to ensure our clients are meeting their individualized goals from a multi-disciplinary aspect. Our team is comprised of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians who are among the most talented and caring.

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Parent Training

At Bridges Behavioral Therapy, we understand the importance of caregiver involvement. Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts work with caregivers to create caregiver-specific goals to achieve quicker success with clients' behavioral issues.

One-To-One ABA Therapy

Individualized therapeutic services are offered in the form of Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Incidental Teaching and B.F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior. For our school-aged clients who require support in their schooling environment, a personal shadow can also be provided to help acclimate the child to the educational setting.

Consultation Services

Are you looking to receive training on ABA therapy and how it can be applied to your setting (school, daycare, etc.)? We have you covered. Behavior Analysts provide engaging presentations on specific areas of Applied Behavior Analysis whether it is to one person or to a large group.

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We review your insurance and coverage and align it with our program.

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We will schedule an initial evaluation with you.

Treatment Plan

We develop an individualized treatment plan for the new client.

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Bridges Behavioral Therapy welcomes you and onset of services begin.

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We’re always looking to grow our team

We are always looking for talented RBTs (Registered Behavior Technicians) and BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) to join the team!

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